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GOC-NEXUS is committed to revolutionizing the processing of medicinal & recreational cannabis. For example last year, more dried cannabis flowers were destroyed than sold in Canada. This phenomenon is a global challenge for all cannabis producing companies and the value chain attached to them.

The reason for this is the limited shelf life of the plant material as well as the basic microbiological contamination of the products. The technical requirements for germ-reduced cultivation of cannabis are very high and lead to considerable production costs. Many companies are already unable to afford the necessary cultivation method requirements. In such cases, germ reduction has to be applied and the methods available on the market so far can only realize this with significant quality losses. Even under optimal growing conditions, the product cannot be produced sterile.

We have made it to our business to solve this global problem by a new type of decontamination process. GOC-Nexus is a Canna-Tech company that is committed to transforming the processing of cannabis to a new level.

We make the it better in terms of purity, potency, taste and shelf life. The patent-pending technology is groundbreaking and will permanently change the processes of how cannabis is decontaminated for medical and recreational use.

For whom / what we find solutions?

Today more than 50% of cannabis produced worldwide does not meet microbiological requirements. GOC-NEXUS is helping the grower to control the microbiological contamination of the final product through a non-thermal, non-radiative remediation service without the use of any chemical agents.

It is only the first step in our plan to develop a global service model. The future service centers will be the international hubs in the cannabis business. Allowing us to trade goods across national borders under facilitated conditions including traceability along the value chain to offer growers, pharmaceutical companies, distributors and pharmacies a novel way to collaborate.